Travelling to IMACS ACA'96

The conference place, Castle Hagenberg, is located approximately 25km from Linz - the center of Upper Austria region. On this page the information about getting to Linz and Hagenberg is provided.

Getting to Linz

Public transport in Linz

The main lines are the two trams, number 1 and 3. Number 3 starts at the railway station ("Hauptbahnhof") and meets number 1 the next stop. Both go through the center of Linz and cross the Danube. Number 3 goes to the foot of Poestlingberg (the mountain with the landmark overlooking Linz), while number 1 runs all the way to the University at the Northern end of Linz. Tickets: Tickets have to be bought in advance. At each stop there is a vending machine (no change!!). For rides longer than 4 stops, you need a "MIDI" pass. This is 18 Schillings. Ask people on the street for small change ("Kleingeld"); this is common in Austria.

If you have problems, at the train station as well as on the main square ("Hauptplatz") you should be able to receive directions and get sufficient information. If you arrive by plane, ask at the airport for a city shuttle or take a taxi. The airport is quite a way from Linz, so the taxi fare will be just below 300 ATS (Schillings).

Getting from Linz to Hagenberg

Participants who travel by car will want to use their car for getting to Hagenberg. The distance is about 25 km, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes going from Linz to Hagenberg by car.

Take the Autobahn A6 in the direction ``Freistadt/Prag''. At the end of the Autobahn just go straight on, following the main road. When the main road turns sharply to the right at a crossroads leave it and turn to the left (road sign ``Hagenberg''). Again follow the road until you see the castle to your left with a roadsign saying ``RISC Linz'' pointing to the small entrance way towards the castle's parking area.

If you don't have a car, you can either go by train (get out in Pregarten and ask for the direction to RISC - it is about 2km to walk), by bus (doesn't go very often) or taxi (expensive). The organizers intend to provide a shuttle service from Linz to Hagenberg. The details of the service will be put here as soon as they become available.

For additional travelling information please contact the Tourist Information of Linz :

Fremdenverkehrszentrale Linz
Urfahrmarkt 1
Postfach 117
A-4040 Linz
Austria / Europe

Fax: +43 732 700494
Phone: +43 732 23931777 (international)
Phone: 0732 23931777 (from within Austria)

This address should also be contacted for a pre- or post-conference social program and on how to best spend the evenings.

The tourist office can provide you with the schedule and can take care of ticket reservations.


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