ACA'99 History

Computer Algebra or Symbolic Computing is a young field of research inbetween Computing and Mathematics. Merging both mentalities (one theoretical and the other closer to the real world) provides a fertilized soil for the growth of new useful and exciting applications. Although the same kind of tools are in the background, a broad variety of fields are covered, as the sessions organized at IMACS-ACA '98 show: Robotics, High Energy Physics, Industry, Algebra and Geometry, Artificial Intelligence, Education, Biology...

This will be the 5th IMACS-ACA. Previous ones have taken place in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) 1995; Linz (Austria) 1996; Wailea, Maui, Hawaii (USA) 1997 and Prague (Czech Republic) 1998. The evolution of the number of talks and attendees indicate a rapidly increasing interest in this particular conference.

Probably the two most important conferences about Computer Algebra nowadays are the much older ISSAC and IMACS-ACA. IMACS-ACA is getting nearly as many attendees as ISSAC. Moreover, as far as we know, IMACS-ACA is the only conference in the world specifically devoted to applications of this field.

In previous years organizations and companies as important as the America National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Security Agency (NSA), Czech Ministry of Education, Texas Instruments, Wolfram Research... have sponsored this conference.

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