MATH 519 Topics in "Algebra": Groebner Bases

Fall 2015



Professor: Dr. Janet Vassilev
Office: SMLC 324

Office Hours:  MWF 9 -10 am and by appointment.
(505) 277-2214


Texts :  Using Algebraic Geometry by Cox, Little and O'Shea, 2nd Edition.  For reference you may also want to look at Ideals, Varieties and Algorithms by Cox, Little and O'Shea or An Introduction to Groebner Bases by Adams and Loustaunau.

Course Meetings:  The course lectures will be held in Mitchell 211 on MWF at 1-1:50 pm. 

Topics:   Deciding whether an element of a commutative ring belongs to an ideal or whether two ideals are equal and finding the inverse of an element in a quotient rings can be daunting tasks.  We will introduce Groebner bases and algorithms for finding them and show how they can make each of the above tasks easier.