Our Place in Mexico

Tent party on La Posada beach.

The beach near our house, which is down and to the left.

Piedras Pintas beach about 5 miles from our house.

Our favorite beach restaurant south Guaymas.

Patio with Rosie, Dad and Brenda.

Stairs to room patio.

Living Room


Gift of Judy Hardy, SA

Huachanango (red snapper) on a plate made by Judy Hardy.

Dinner in the house. Dad, Rosie, Desi.

Dinner at Donna and Gary's. Stan and Jan.

Going diving, Rosie, Desi and Dad.

Fishing, Rosie and Dad and a Sierra Mackerel.

Mandavilla on the staircase.

Tuna sushi for lunch on the patio.

The cactus garden.

Night blooming cereus on the roof patio.

Iguana in our ice plant.

The patio.