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In-service week Fall 2018 (Aug 15-17)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 8:30am to Friday, August 17, 2018 - 10:00am
Math and Stats Department

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Schedule for Fall 2018 In-Service


Wednesday, August 15


Training: ALEKS Math 101, 102, 103: 8:30-12:30

SMLC 120    MaLL Instructor training. Mandatory for all ALEKS instructors; please bring a laptop if you are new so that you can do some ALEKS hands-on training. (Srini Vasan, Kat Sorensen)


Graduate Program Workshop/Q&A: 2:00-4:00


SMLC    102        Review of departmental processes for all Graduate Students in both Mathematics &                 Statistics (J. Vassilev, R. Christensen, S. Lau, A. Parra Lombard)


Thursday, August 16

Breakfast: 7:45 – 8:30

SMLC Lobby        Continental Breakfast provided by the Mathematics and Statistics Department


General Meetings: 8:30-9:50


SMLC    102        8:30-9:30 General Meeting for all PTIs and TA’s (Jurg Bolli)

SMLC    102        9:30-9:50 Chair’s Meeting for PTIs and TA’s (Jens Lorenz)


Parallel Sessions I:  10:00-10:50


SMLC B71        Stat 145 (Nina Greenberg, Coordinator)

SMLC 124        Math 129 (Karen Champine, Coordinator)

SMLC 120        Math 162/163/264 for recitation TAs and instructors (Derek Martinez, Coordinator)


Parallel Sessions II:  11:00-11:50


SMLC 352        Math 123/150/153 (Tim Berkopec, Coordinator)

SMLC B71    LaunchPad workshop. Mandatory for anybody teaching Stat 145; please bring a laptop for some hands-on training (Nina Greenberg)

SMLC 247        Math 111/215/216 (Karen Sorensen-Unruh, Coordinator)

SMLC 124        Math 121 (Patricia Oakley, Coordinator)

SMLC 356        Math 180/181 (Kevin Burns, Coordinator)

SMLC 120        Math 162/163/264 for TAs: mandatory for all recitation TAs (Derek Martinez)


Lunch: 12:00-12:50


SMLC Lobby        Lunch provided by the Mathematics and Statistics Department


DOS Presentation 1:00-2:00


SMLC 102    Presentation by Dean of Students Office about difficult students. Mandatory for all TA, PTI, and lecturers (Kelly Davis, JD, Student Conduct Officer)


MyMathLab Presentation 2:00-3:00


SMLC B81    MyMathLab/MathXL training. Everyone teaching 121 is invited to attend. (Patricia Oakley)


TA Teacher Training Seminar: 2:00-4:00


SMLC 120     First day of the seminar, Math 605-005. All TAs and RAs who are new to the department or have never taken this course need to register for it and attend. (D. Lichtig, M. Nitsche)


Friday August 17


Training: ALEKS Math 101, 102, 103: 8:30-10:00

SMLC 120    MaLL Tutor and PMT training. (Srini Vasan, Kat Sorensen)

Event Contact

Contact Name: Jurg Bolli

Contact Phone: 505-277-4903

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