The 2nd IMACS Conference
Applications of Computer Algebra

17 - 20 July, 1996

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Castle Hagenberg, Austria

The IMACS ACA conference series is dedicated to reporting serious applications of computer algebra theories and tools for mathematics, logic, science, engineering and education. The 2nd IMACS ACA conference will be held in a medieval castle near Linz, Austria.

U.S. Air Force European Office of Aerospace Reseach and Development
Austrian Ministery for Economical Affairs
Government of Upper Austria
Macsyma Inc.
MathSolutions Inc.

General Chairs
Bruno Buchberger (Austria), Stanly Steinberg (USA)

Program Committee Chair
Hoon Hong (Austria)

Program Committee
Akira Aiba (Japan) Erich Barke (Germany) Alexei Bocharov (USA)
Victor Edneral (Russia) Victor .G. Ganzha (Germany) Vladimir P. Gerdt (Russia)
Hoon Hong (Austria) Michael Johnson (Australia) Richard Liska (Czech Republic)
Claudio Maccone (Italy) Rolf Mertig (Netherlands) Eugenio Roanes-Lozano (Spain)
Shojiro Sakata (Japan) J. Rafael Sendra (Spain) Ralf Sommer (Germany)
Sabine Stifter (Austria) Nikolay Vasiliev (Russia) E.V. Vorozhtsov (Russia)
Dongming Wang (France) Michael Wester (USA)

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