The Seventh International Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

An Albuquerque Odyssey . . .

May 31-June 3, 2001
Technical Vocational Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


The meeting will focus on actual or possible applications of nontrivial computer algebra techniques to other fields and substantial interactions of computer algebra with other fields.

Meeting Format

The meeting will be run in the usual format where individuals are invited to organize a two-hour special session. Individuals can propose a special session by contacting the chair of the scientific committee. All paper submissions must be directed to an organizer of an appropriate special session.

Conference Topics

Recent ACA conferences have included: applications of computer algebra to robotics, signal processing, quantifier elimination, approximate algebraic computation, symbolic-numeric algorithms, combinatorial and computational methods in algebraic geometry, computations in pure mathematics, computer aided geometric design, dynamical systems and mechanics, education, demos of computer algebra software, applications to physics, number theory, computer science, mathematics on the Internet, problem solving environments and other specialized sessions.


An electronic proceedings of the meeting well be maintained by ACA on it's web page. This archive will contain titles and abstracts of papers presented at the meeting, but speakers can also submit full length papers or extended abstracts for the archive. Session organizers are encouraged to create special editions for journals of papers from one of more of their sessions. Several special editions have appeared in the IMACS Journal Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (MATCOM) published by Elsevier.

Preliminary Schedule

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