Mirrors: Universit y of Thessaly, Greece and UNM, Albuquerque, USA

Kedavros Centaur ACA Volos       
University of Thessaly, Department of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Networks

Scientific Committee: ACA WORKING GROUP

yellowball.gif Alkiviadis G. Akritas, University of Thessaly
yellowball.gif Jacques Calmet, Germany
yellowball.gif Victor Edneral, Moscow
yellowball.gif Victor Ganzha, Germany
yellowball.gif Vladimir Gerdt Joint Institute of Nuclear Research
yellowball.gif Hoon Hong North Carolina State University
yellowball.gif Erich Kaltofen North Carolina State University
yellowball.gif Ilias S. Kotsireas University of Western Ontario
yellowball.gif Bernard Kutzler BK Techware
yellowball.gif Richard Liska Tech. Univ. Prague
yellowball.gif Bill Pletsch TVI
yellowball.gif Eugenio Roanes-Lozano Univ. Compl. de Madrid
yellowball.gif Stanly Steinberg Univ. of New Mexico
yellowball.gif Quoc-Nam Tran Lamar University
yellowball.gif Nikolay Vassiliev Steklov Inst. of Math. St. Petersburg
yellowball.gif Michael Wester Univ. of New Mexico

The Applications of Computer Algebra Working Group (ACAWG) is responsible for the organization of the Applications of Computer Algebra (ACA) activities. In particular, the ACAWG will choose the place for future ACA meetings and will review all scientific activities at the ACA meetings.

The format of each ACA meeting is controlled by the Organizers, but usually the meetings will consist of special sessions. Proposals for special sessions and other scientific activities for a particular meeting should be submitted to the organizers of that meeting. Proposals to change the ACA or the Working Group should be submitted to the chair, Stanly Steinberg.

For more information please send e-mail to aca2002@uth.gr