Kedavros Centaur ACA Volos
University of Thessaly, Department of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Networks

ACA'2002 Checklist, Ilias S. Kotsireas,
Created on Wed. June 6, 2001
1st Update: Sun. Sept 23, 2001
2nd Update: Wed. March 6, 2002
3rd Update: Tue. July 16, 2002 (edited for the next ACA)
4th Update: Mon. Aug 5, 2002

  1. Conference badges

    1. University/Institution logo
    2. Conference name (ACA'****)
    3. Participant's name
    4. Participant's university/institution

  2. Conference Registration package

    1. Conference Program (template LaTeX/EXCEL file available)
    2. Tourist leaflets describing the area
    3. Maps of the area/city/country
    4. Pens (probably furnished by some of the sponsors)
    5. Paper pads (probably furnished by some of the sponsors)
    6. Something commemorating the conference

  3. Organize the Conference Gala or Dinner

    1. Tombola ? distribute tickets to win gifts (calculators books etc.)
    2. Live Music ? group will perform for 30 min ?
    3. Provide directions to the Gala/Dinner place or book transportation to and from the place.
    4. Short speeches ?

  4. Arrange the conference bank account for participants to send the registration money.

  5. Catering: Lunches & Coffee Breaks for 4 days

  6. Book the amphitheater & other rooms for the parallel sessions

  7. Designate a person responsible for equipment maintenance (overhead projectors & data projectors)

  8. Organize the Sightseeing Excursions

  9. Send out the First Announcement and Call for Sessions

  10. Send out the Second Announcement and Call for Sessions

  11. Web page maintenance

    1. Fill in information as it becomes available
    2. Improve parts of the pages (travel, city information etc) following suggestions/comments
    3. Verify that the existing information (e.g. instructions for Visas) is correct and update it if necessary
    4. List of suggested restaurants in the area (typically, participants will want to have dinner in town a couple of times)

  12. Write letters to publishing houses ( Wiley, Academic Press, McGraw Hill ... ) to organize book exhibitions

  13. Write letters to potential academic, corporate and goverment sponsors ( NSF, TI, Maple, ...)

  14. Impose the conference dates to other related conferences, to avoid overlaps

  15. Find good session organizers

  16. Arrange for a university/goverment representative to come and address a greeting ?

  17. Design/Print/Distribute/Circulate the Conference Poster

  18. Print/Laminate signs ( conference name, conference logo, up-down-left-right arrows ) that will be posted around the conference rooms to direct participants.

  19. Make arrangements for participants to have internet access (e-mail lab, special deal at nearby internet cafe)

  20. Fix the conference registration fees (early, late, on site, students) Decide what exactly the registration fees will cover.

  21. Create a conference e-mail alias. Answer the messages sent to that e-mail.

  22. Take photos and conference group photo for the web site.

  23. Add new items to this checklist!

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