ACA'2002, June 25-28, 2002, Volos, Greece


Session on Symbolic-Numerical Methods in Computational Science
Organized by Alkis Akritas and Elias Houstis

Research contributions as well as expository papers are solicited in the area of hyprid symbolic  numeric computing methods in computational science.

For more information and/or to present a paper at the session, please contact the session organizers by e-mail.

Current List of Contributions:

  1. Automating the coupling of symbolic and numerical computing associated
    with continuous system theories and models
    , John Michopoulos, Naval Research Lab, USA
  2. Mimetic Discretization Methods and Vector Computer Algebra, Stanly Steinberg, University of New Mexico, USA
  3. Symbolic Computing and Problem Solving Environments, Elias Houstis, University of Patras, GR
  4. An Improved Algorithm for Diophantine Equations in One Variable. Adam Strzebonski, Wolfram Research, USA
  5. Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition Using Arbitrary-Precision Floating Point Arithmetic Adam Strzebonski, Wolfram Research, USA
  6. Parallel Iterative Methods Nikolaos Missirlis, University of Athens, Greece
  7. Iterative Methods for Dynamic Load Balancing Nikolaos Missirlis, University of Athens, Greece
  8. The Curious Algebra FX2.0 Alexei Botsarov, Microsoft Research, USA
  9. Object oriented rapid prototyping in Maple: Finite Element calculation using hierarchical bases Dmitro Chibisov, Victor Ganzha, Christoph Zenger
  10. On application of Szegö kernels for approximation of holomorphic functions by series Natasha Malaschonok
  11. Effective Real Root Isolation Using Continued Fractions Alkiviadis G. Akritas, University of Thessaly, Greece and Adam W. Strzebonski, Wolfram Research, USA
  12. An algorithm finding submatrices of Hadamard matrices and the complete pivoting conjecture Marilena Mitrouli, University of Athens, Greece
  13. Approximate Greatest Common Divisor of many polynomials and generalised resultants Marilena Mitrouli, University of Athens, Greece

Papers presented at the session will be considered for publication at a special issue of the Journal of Symbolic Computation titled Applications of Computer Algebra. The call for papers is available. Speakers should also be aware of the ACA'2002 Important Dates.