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Kedavros Centaur ACA Volos       
University of Thessaly, Department of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Networks

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ACA'2002 Sightseeing Excursion to Skiathos with the flying dolphin:
Skiathos is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea.
Skiathos Flying Dolphin

ACA'2002 Sightseeing Excursion to Meteora:
Meteora has been designated part of the World Heritage Sites Protected Areas Programme by UNEP-WCMC-UNESCO

Meteora I Meteora II Meteora III Meteora IV Meteora V

Other Sightseeing attractions in and near Volos:
  1. The Athanassakeion Archaeological Museum
    Ever since the city of Volos began to prosper, there has been a marked interest in archaeological research through out the region. Findings from the excavations are displayed in Volos Archaeological Museum, a neoclassical building dating from 1907 and situated to the eastern side of the city.

    Objects originating from the famous prehistoric sites of Dimini and Sesclo illustrate the Neolithic cultures which grew up at the innermost recess of the Pagasetic Gulf and Thessaly. Clay statuettes and utensils of the geometric period shed light on the times which are related of in the legends of the Expedition of the Argonauts and Homer's epics.

    Sculpture from the classical period and rare jointed statuettes are displayed side by side with reliefs of the Alexandrine period from Demetrias. Rare steles with relief work preserve the colours with which the ancient Greeks decorated their works of art in marble. Reliefs from the early Christian period and Byzantine stone reliefs are evidence of the continuity of the Latin influence on Mt. Pelion.

  2. Pilio is a very picturesque mountain near Volos.
    Pilio-Makrinitsa Pilio-Tsagarada

  3. Sporades are a set of 3 islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos) located east of Volos in the Aegean Sea.
    Sporades Skopelos
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