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Kedavros Centaur ACA Volos       
University of Thessaly, Department of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Networks

Dear Colleagues and Friends! Financial Support Committee desision

The deadline for submission of applications for financial support from ACA'2002 has now expired.

We do not accept any further applications for financial support.

We have been overwhelmed by the large volume of applications for financial support.
(Over 60 applications were received)

The only financial support we were able to provide was reduced registration fee
to those of you who have already been notified.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Volos!

ACA'2002 Financial Support Committee

ACA'2002 Financial Support

Some financial support will be available from ACA'2002 for conference participants. Eligible categories are:

  • Recent Ph.D. Students and recent Post-doctoral Fellows
  • Participants from developing countries.
  • Participants from Eastern-European countries.
Funding from ACA'2002 will be allocated to eligible participants only through the following procedure:
  1. The interested participant should submit an application for funding by e-mail to aca2002@uth.gr
    Please e-mail your application by March 31, 2002.
    Due to practical administrative constraints, applications sent after this deadline, will not be considered for funding.
    The application must contain the following information:
    • Title of the paper with the complete list of authors and a short abstract or the full paper you will be presenting at ACA'2002. Higher priority will be given to applicants submitting a full paper.
    • A detailed list of expenses, in Euros: (Currency Converters provide Euro exchange rates)
      1. Registration Fee,
      2. Airfare, (specify departure city and the cost)
      3. Hotel accomodation and living expenses
    • Other travel funds that are available to you.
  2. All applications for funding will be acknowledged by e-mail.
  3. The ACA'2002 Financial Support Committee will review the applications, determine the eligibility of each applicant for funding and proceed according to the total amount available and the number of applications received.
  4. The applicant will be notified of the Committee's decision (including the amount awarded) by e-mail by April 30, 2002 .
  5. In case the applicant is to receive funding from ACA'2002, a reimbursement check will be issued in his/her name. The applicant will collect the reimbursement check at the conference.
Important Notices:
  1. Participants may be allocated only a part of the amount they request. A conscious effort will be made to allocate the total available amount as fairly and equitably as possible.
  2. Participants who need an invitation letter from ACA'2002 (to apply for financial support from their own funding agencies) are required to ask for it by sending e-mail to aca2002@uth.gr. Because different funding agencies have different requirements, please specify in the e-mail what information must be contained in the letter.

For more information please send e-mail to aca2002@uth.gr