ACA 2003 


July 28-31

Information you need to know
before leaving for ACA'03


  1. Important phone numbers:

    • Brownstone Hotel  (919) 828-0811
    • Velvet Oak Inn  (919) 828-0333, (800) 334-4372
    • Desk at North Hall (919) 515-3651
    • Agnes Szanto  (919) 523-1634

  2. Directions from the airport to the hotels/dorm
    (if you need directions form other locations click here)

    • The easiest way to get from the airport to the North Residence Hall or to the Hotels is to take a cab. It costs about $25 (Express Taxi: 919-233-6798)
    • The residence hall is located at the corner of Hillsborough Street and Enterprise Street.
    • Brownstone Hotel is at 1707 Hillsborough St
    • Velvet Oak Inn is at 1505 Hillsborough St
    • There is bus service from the airport as well, but unfortunately it runs only Monday through Saturday, and not on Sunday. The service is run by the Triangle Transit Authority and costs $1.50. From the airport take the TTA/RDU Airport shuttle. There are pick-up/drop-off zones located at Terminals A and C outside of the ground transportation pick-up areas. The shuttle will take you to the RTP Bus Center where you can take bus route 105 to Raleigh. Be sure to get a transfer from the shuttle driver and you can get on the bus for free. Get off the bus at the NCSU Bell Tower stop. The Bell Tower is approximately 1-2 blocks from the North Residence Hall. After exiting the bus, walk west on Hillsborough Street (back in the direction you came from) and the residence hall will be located across the street at the corner of Hillsborough and Enterprise St. To return to the airport by bus, you can catch bus route 105 at the Bell Tower and return to the RTP Bus center and from there you can take the airport shuttle. Schedules and other information can be found at the Triangle Transit Authority website.


    • Directions by car form the airport:
    • Take  I-40 East 
    • Take exit 289, Raleigh/Chapel Hill Expressway to Wade Avenue
    • Raleigh/Chapel Hill Expressway will become Wade Avenue
    • Turn right onto Dixie Trail Road
    • Turn left onto Hillsborough Street
      • The dorm: Turn left onto Enterprise Street: the North Residence Hall is the first left
      • The hotels: On the right of Hillsborough St cc. 1 mile from Dixie Trail Road
    • Greyhound Bus
      314 West Jones Street
      Raleigh, NC 27603
      Terminal is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to
    • Amtrak Trains
      320 West Cabarrus Street
      Raleigh, NC 27601
      There are at least three trains which  pass through this station each day:
      5:27 am Train 92, Silver Star, heading north, terminating at New York Penn
      12 noon Train 80, Carolinian, heading north, terminating at New York Penn
      10:21 pm Train 91, Silver Star, heading south, terminating in Miami

  3.  North Residence Hall Information

    • Check-In:
      • If you arrive before 10 P.M. then you can check in at the front desk.
      • If you arrive after 10 P.M. then you must call the person on duty to come to the front door and check you in. The phone number of the "Summer Conference Assistants (SCA)"  on duty will be posted at the main entrance of the dorm. You can use the courtesy phone ( which is marked with signs, it's about 20  feet to the right of the lobby door)  to make the call.

        If for some reason you can't get the SCA on the phone, please wait a few minutes and try again;  they may be enroute from/to their room.

      • If you cannot get in the dorm late night, please do not start wandering around. It is not safe. Please walk East on Hillsborough street (towards the center of Raleigh) and check yourself into the the Holiday Inn or the Velvet Cloak. The matter can be taken care of in the morning.


    • Parking: There is parking at the residence hall. You should receive a parking pass when you check in. Park the car in the lot next to the dorm in the zone marked N. If you park in the B zone, you might get a ticket.
  4. Documents you need to bring for travel support :
    • If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident,
      then please bring the photo-copies of the following:
      • Passport page with photo and passport number
      • If you do not need a visa to enter US, then the passport page where the
        WB (Waiver for Business) is stamped.
      • If you do need a visa to enter US, then visa page showing photo, type of
        visa, and expiration date.
  5. How to get to the conference site from hotels/dorm

    • The conference registration desk is at:
      147 Harrelson Hall, North Carolina State University Campus

    • Walk on Hillsborough Street towards west, turn left onto Broughton Dr (at D. H. Hill Library building). Harrelson Hall is the circular building behind D. H. Hill Library. local map

    • The walk takes about 6 minutes from the dorm, and 15 minutes from the hotels

  6. Nearby restaurants

    • For breakfast:

      • Bruegger's Bagel Shop right next door to North Hall

      • Global Village 2428 Hillsborough St (good coffee)

      • Starbucks 2500 Hillborough Street

      • International House of Pancakes next to the Velvet Cloak Hotel to the East.

      • Cameron Village shopping mall, bakeries and sandwich palces, an outdoor shopping mall in walking distance, to the Northeast of where you stay. Go East from the dorm and West from the hotels on Hillsborough and North on Oberlin.

    • For lunch/dinner:

      • Darryl's Restaurant & Bar 1906 Hillsborough St
        one block from hotels/dorm on corner of Hillsborough and Oberlin

      • Mitch's Tavern 2426 Hillsborough St

      • Frazier's 2418 Hillsborough St 

    • List of restaurants on Hillsborough Street

    • Restaurant guide for the triangle area. Choose 'Raleigh (Inside Beltline)' as the location.


  7. Weather

    • Prepare for hot and humid weather, possible rain and frequent thunderstorms. Inside the buildings it is air conditioned and cool, you might need long sleeve clothes.

    • Local weather

  8. Beach trip

    • You need to sign up for the beach trip at registration

    • Bring swimsuit, beach towel, sunscreen lotion, and hat for the beach trip

    • The buses pick us up on Thursday 10:30am at Harrelson Hall

    • We provide lunchboxes and dinner

    • We arrive back to Raleigh around 11:30pm


  9. Computer facilities

    Once you fill out the form that we provide at registration, you get a login name and password, which yoy can use at any public computer lab of the University, including:

    • 269 Harrelson
    • 243 Harrelson


  10. Where to eat with mealcard?

    Buffet style dining
    Breakfast $4.25, Lunch $5.00, Dinner 5.50

    A la carte style card charged by the price of the item purchased

  11. Gym information

    Carmichael Gymnasium: opening hours, fitness class schedule



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