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Instructor: Alexander Korotkevich
office:  247
Office Hours: Monday 4:00pm-4:50pm, Wednesday 4:00pm-4:50pm, Friday, 2:00pm-2:50pm and by appointment
Text:  calculus textbook D. Hughes-Hallett, A.M. Gleason, W.G. McCallum et al.,
Calculus: Single Variable,
4th ed. (John Wiley & Sons, 2004)

Course description: Continuation of MATH 124 or MATH 125. Techniques of symbolic and numerical integration, applications of the definite integral to geometry, physics, economics, and probability; differential equations from a numerical, graphical, and algebraic point of view; modeling using differential equations, approximations by Taylor series.

MATH 129 Calendar

Grades: The total number of points available on tests and homework is . The in-class tests are scheduled for ; ; and . The final exam is at . More points — higher grade. Learn more at “how grades work” page about points↔grade correspondence, about withdrawing from the course, and about incomplete grade.

Homework: Homework will be submitted through a computer grading program called WebAssign®. Student accounts can be purchased on-line at or through the UA Bookstore. Your login and initial password will be provided by your instructor. Deadlines and point values for each assignment will be posted in your class account when you login. Late homework submissions will not be accepted. A final homework score equivalent to one test, points, will be assigned.

Graphing calculators: A graphing calculator is an important tool that will be used in this course. Students are expected to have a working calculator for each test and exam. No calculator swapping is permitted during test periods.

Students with disabilities: If you anticipate issues related to the format of requirements of this course, please meet with your instructor to discuss ways to ensure your full participation in the course. If you determine that formal, disability-related accomodations are necessary, it is very important that you be registered with Disability Resources (621-3268; You should notify your instructor of your eligibility for reasonable accomodations by . You and your instructor can then plan how best to coordinate your accomodations.

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