Math 464/514. Applied Matrix Theory. Fall 2020.



Section 001. TR 11:00-12:15. Room: Remote Scheduled. Syllabus for Math 464/514 (57974/57975) Carl D. Meyer,
Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra

Lecture notes by Prof. J. Lorenz.

Office hours:

TR 12:30-13:45. Room: SMLC 220 Remote Scheduled.

How grades are assigned?

All homeworks: 100 points (only few key problems from the homework will be graded, approximately 10 points for homework).
Two midterm exams: 100 points each (100+100 points).
In class quizzes: 50 points.
Final exam: 200 points.
Total: 550 points.
Lowest thresholds for grades (not higher than):
A = 495, B = 440, C = 380, D = 330.

HW # Homework problems Due date (possibly solution)
YouTube playlist for lectures' recordings.
5 Exam 2 (see UNM Learn), due on Friday, December 4th, 9pm.
Quiz 04 (Tuesday, December 1st) (Solution published). Topic: Extrema of quadratic forms.
Quiz 05 (Thursday, December 3rd) (Solution published). Topic: Extrema with constraints, Lagrangian method.
4 Quiz 03 (Tuesday, November 24th) (Solution published). Topic: SVD.
Extra material on SVD as a preparation to Quiz03.
Homework 04 LaTeX file.
Exam 1 (Tuesday, October 17th) (Solution published).
Another solution (for some of you before the next quiz this solution of Problem 1 could be interesting).
Quiz 02 (Tuesday, November 17th) (Solution published). Topic: Review of eigenproblems.
Optional reading on determinants J. Hefferon book, determinants start at p. 317, permutations at p. 333.
December 2nd, 2020, end of day.
3 Extra material about Givens' rotations.
Homework 03 LaTeX file.
October 15th, 2020, end of day.
2 Quiz 01 (Tuesday, September 15th) (Solution published). Topic: PLU-factorization.
Homework 02 LaTeX file.
September 17th, 2020, class time 22nd, 2020, end of the day.
1 Homework 01 LaTeX file.
For simple MatLab tutorial see these lecture notes.
Where to get MatLab.
September 1st 3rd, 2020, class time.