Larissa Anderson, MPH

Larissa Anderson

Biology PhD Candidate

Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson

Pure Math Undergraduate Student

Will Knez, BS

Will Knez

Post-bacc Student

Amalie McKee, PhD

Amalie McKee

Postdoctoral Fellow

Amalie is modeling the effects of temperature on arboviral dynamics.
Before joining the Wearing Group, she completed her PhD with Katriona Shea
at Penn State, and a short postdoc with Matthew Ferrari, also at Penn State.

Tanner Shea, BS

Tanner Shea

Biology MS Student

Tanner's research focuses on the impact of sex on Hepatitis C Virus transmission.
He joined the Wearing Group after finishing his B.S. in Biology at CalPoly.

Julie Spencer, MS

Julie Spencer

Biology PhD Candidate

Julie studies the evolution and ecology of drug resistance in tuberculosis.
She joined the Wearing Group in 2016.

Helen Wearing, PhD

Helen Wearing

Associate Professor

PhD, Heriot-Watt University, 2002

Liota Weinbaum, BS

Liota Weinbaum

Biology PhD Student

Liota explores how industrial practices support or discourage the establishment
of infectious disease in agricultural animal populations.
She joined the Wearing Group in 2018 and enjoys swing dancing and keeping plants alive.