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  • Slides from my 2021 talk in the Mathematical Physics semiar at Princeton, "Emergent topology from finite volume topological insulators".
  • A website promoting the localizer in operator theory and quantum mechanics.
  • Supplemental files to "Surfaces and hypersurfaces as the joint spectrum of matrices" by DeBonis, Loring and Sverdlov.
  • Slides from my 2019 talk at CMO Oaxaca, workwhop on Topological Phases of Interacting Quantum Systems, talk titled "The spectral localizer for estimating bulk gaps and calculating K-theory".
  • ArXiv feed. Preprints of my papers are on the Arxiv and they are not always close to the final version.
  • CV with full list of publications.
  • My writings and citations listed at Google Scholar.
  • Real, sparse and skew-symmetric matrices, a sample.
  • My dissertation, The Torus and Noncommutative Topology.
  • Et Cetera.

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    National Science Foundation

    I have support from the National Science Foundation, DMS2110398, "Numerical Methods in Noncommutative Matrix Analysis."

    Nanostructure Physics department at Sandia National Laboratories

    My research with Alex Cerjan, of the Nanostructure Physics department, the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, is supported by a subarward from Sandia National Laboratories.
    Professor T. A. Loring, Department of Mathematics and Statistics