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  • Slides from my 2020 talk at the annual AMS meeting, "A numerical approach to Chern numbers and unbounded Fredholm modules". I had issues embedding the videos, so these are separate files: edge mode around defect, edge mode around clean system, edge mode for square with disorder,
  • A website promoting the localizer in operator theory and quantum mechanics.
  • Supplemental files to "Surfaces and hypersurfaces as the joint spectrum of matrices" by DeBonis, Loring and Sverdlov.
  • Slides from my 2019 talk at CMO Oaxaca, workwhop on Topological Phases of Interacting Quantum Systems, talk titled "The spectral localizer for estimating bulk gaps and calculating K-theory".
  • ArXiv feed. Preprints of my papers are on the Arxiv and they are not always close to the final version.
  • CV with full list of publications.
  • My user page Math Overflow.
  • My writings and citations listed at Google Scholar.
  • My ORC ID and another listing of some of my writings.
  • My dissertation, The Torus and Noncommutative Topology.
  • Et Cetera.

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