Southwestern Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference (SUnMaRC)
 Conference Dates April 13-15, 2018
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico

SUnMaRC 2018 is coming up! SUnMaRC is an undergraduate math/stats research conference held every year at some institution in the US Southwest. Students from Arizona (such as UA,ASU,NAU,MesaCC), New Mexico (UNM,NMSU,WNM,CNM), Colorado (USAFA,CU Boulder,CSU) and Texas (UTEP) attend. Any undergraduate interested in mathematics and its applications is invited to participate at this upcoming conference.

This year SUnMaRC will be held at UNM, April 13-15, 2018. There will be students presenting results of their research projects, invited speakers presenting impacts of mathematics and statistics research, as well as professional opportunities in mathematics and statistics, and a panel of graduate students and postdocs to ask anything you wish to know about life in pursuit of mathematics and statistics.

The conference gives you the opportunity to meet other students with similar interests, find out what math research can consist of, present your research, learn about math and stats, network with students and faculty from throughout the SW, all in a supportive, energetic and fun environment!

Interested UNM students need to contact a faculty mentor from the Math/Stats Department that will support their participation. At that point, register using the link below and you will be contacted by the conference organizer.

Talk Abstracts
Conference Poster

Helpful website: preparing a good presentation  
MCTP [this may be of interest to SUnMaRC participants]

Sponsors and Contact:
  • UNMs Department of Mathematics and Statistics [web site]
  • National Science Foundation, MCTP Program[web site]
  • For more information, please contact Professor Monika Nitsche at