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Algebra Table Tutoring Schedule in Dane Smith Hall
Calculus Table Tutoring Schedule in Dane Smith Hall
Statistics Table Tutoring Schedule in Dane Smith Hall
Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)

Students and Instructors discussing math problems at the Algebra and Calculus tables

Algebra Table

Algebra Table
The Algebra Table focuses on math 120, 121, 150

Calculus Table

Calculus Table
The Calculus Table focuses on math 162, 163, 180, 181

Tutoring tables at DSH

The Mathematics and Statistics Department has been offering tutoring services at DSH for several semesters now. Students that consistently attend office hours are much more successful in their math courses, however many of our students do not take advantage of the help available for a variety of reasons. These include not being available during their instructor's scheduled hours, and not having enough time between classes to go to the instructor's office.

The idea behind the Algebra Table was to have the actual instructors available in DSH throughout the day to help any and all students taking math 120 and math 121. Given that the Table is right at the place where most of our classes are offered, a student can stop by for a few minutes between classes with a quick question, or spend as much time as he/she needs working on their homework with one of the instructors. Students have found this service very convenient and helpful, and the number of people attending office hours since its inception has greatly increased.

This effort was so successful that we now also have a Calculus Table that offers help with math 162, 163, 180, and 181.The algebra and calculus tutoring tables are located by the elevator on the second and third floor of Dane Smith Hall respectively. They are staffed Monday through Friday most of the time from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

For specific hours and instructors visit:

Please stop by and check us out!

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, MSC03 2150, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87131-0001