Math 1240 Pre-Calculus


Catalogue Description: In-depth study of polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs. Includes the fundamental theorem of algebra, systems of equations, conic sections, parametric equations and applications in geometry. Exploration of the graphing calculator. May be taken concurrently with MATH 1230. Meets New Mexico Lower-Division General Education Common Core Curriculum Area II: Mathematics



Current Textbook:  Stewart, Redlin & Watson, Pre-Calculus Mathematics for Calculus, 7th Edition with WebAssign and E-book
Prerequisites: ACT=>25 or SAT=>570 or MATH 1220 (with a grade of C or better) or Compass College Algebra >54.

Coordinating Faculty: Tim Berkopec, Email



Exam Reviews:


Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, Final Exam


Additional Course Material:


Complex Numbers


Additional Review Material: The following hyperlinks contain reviews for the final. The first lists basic ideas presented in the course along with sample problems. The review created by Precious Andrew contains sample problems with more depth and is highly recommended. Note: there is also a sample final posted at the bottom of this page.


Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3

Final Review - (by Precious Andrew)

Course Review


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