Student Advisement

Ana Parra Lombard
Program Specialist
Grad Math/Stat & Undergrad Math/Stat service course                               
SMLC 395                                                                                                                                                            
Krista Navarrette
A&S Sr. Academic Advisor
UG Majors & Minors: MATH/STAT, PHYC/ASTR
SMLC 390
Make appointments through LoboAchieve:
Guidelines for Math Majors:
1. Must take Math 321 (Linear Alg)...not Math 314 (Lin Alg for Eng)
2. Must complete the Calculus series 162, 163, & 264
3. A faculty advisor will be assigned to majors once they've been admitted into the College of A&S. If you don't know who your faculty advisor is, email

Undergraduate Option Plan Worksheets (xls)