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Graduate Research

Graduate Students' Research

Our graduate students engage in research with our faculty and faculty from other units or the National Laboratories. 

Much of the output of these graduate research projects can be seen in the resulting MS Thesis and PhD Dissertations of our students. 

Recent theses and disertations in Mathematics and Statistics are available online at the UNM Digital Repository.

Graduate students can be supported via Research Assistantships (RA) funded from faculty grants. Students should be alert for these opportunities.

How to find a research mentor/advisor?

Visit faculty webpages to familiarize yourself with their areas of research and current research interests.

You will meet the faculty in classes and seminars. Talk to your faculty about their research an possible projects. Work hard and show interest in learning.

Academic activities for graduate students

Mathematical and Statistical knowledge is disseminated through publications and meetings, conferences, workshops, colloquia, seminars. These venues provide great opportunities for networking, share ideas and research with people with similar interests, learn about career options, and develop leadership skills.

Make a habit to attend departmental seminars and colloquia by our faculty and visitors. There is much to learn in these lectures about the status quo of different research areas. Most talks will be annonced by email sent to the department and they will always be posted in the department calendar.  Make sure you are listed in the department mailing list.

Seek opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, and summer schools. Here are listings of meetings of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), and of the American Statistical Association (ASA). Funding opportunities maybe available from the organizers, and/or through UNM Graduate Studies (GS) and/or the UNM Graduate and Professional Student Assotiation (GPSA). Often it helps to get partial support from the organizers and then GS or GPSA or you advisor can complement the funding.

Our department has a SIAM Student Chapter.

See the Directed Reading Program (DRP).

Career information

There is much mathematicians and statisticians can do. Research and education are at the heart of some career while other careers utilize mathematics and statistics and its applications to build and enhance important work in the sciences, business, finance, manufacturing, communications, and engineering.  Graduate students in our department have gone on to successful careers in the mathematical sciences: in academia, industry, national laboratories, government, as teaching professionals: K12 education, colleges, and universities across the US and the world; as data analysts: working in hospitals, insurance companies and start-ups.

Here are links to career information from the AMS, ASA, and SIAM.