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Graduate Students

PhD & MS in Math & Stat:

*All grad students must provide their faculty advisor an up to date qualifying exam tracker form. If your faculty advisor is not available for advising, email your advising questions to the Grad Committee Professor in your concentration area. 

2023/24 Graduate Committee:

Prof. Fletcher Christensen, Chair (Statistics)

Prof. Mohammad Motamed, (Applied Math)

Prof. Hongnian Huang, (Pure Math)

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General program questions? Email

Last Name First Name Program   Faculty Advisor
Adefila Afeez PHD-STAT Stat Erik Erhardt
Agrawal Raghav PHD-MATH Applied Stephen Lau
Agudelo Jose PHD-MATH Applied Mohammad Motamed
Ahmad Sabbir PHD-MATH Applied Owen Lewis
Ahmadi Mohammad PHD-STAT Stat James Degnan
Alcala Daniel PHD-MATH Applied Pavel Lushnikov
Alexander Preston PHD-MATH Applied Jehanzeb Chaudhry
Ali Ahsan PHD-MATH Applied Jacob Schroder
Allred Myriam MS-MATH Applied Jacob Schroder
Almutiri Sara PHD-STAT Stat Fletcher Christensen
Amevor Robert PHD-STAT Stat Fletcher Christensen
Anderson Jessica PHD-STAT Stat Ronald Christensen
Archuleta Steven MS-MATH Applied Stephen Lau
Baidoo Dennis MS-STAT Stat James Degnan
Betts Benjamin PHD-MATH Pure Alexandru Buium
Bianco Nathan PHD-MATH Applied Jacob Schroder
Brown Michael MS-MATH Applied Jehanzeb Chaudhry
Burke Natalie MS-MATH Applied Helen Wearing
Bustillos Mariana MS-STAT Stat Fletcher Christensen
Cervantes Jason MS-STAT Stat Erik Erhardt
Chary Michele MS-STAT Stat James Degnan
Chowdhury Nikhet MS-STAT Stat Ronald Christensen
Chua Gari Lincoln PHD-MATH Pure J. Vassilev/ A.Buium
Cocks Ross J MS-MATH Pure Maxim Zinchenko
Darsey Penny PHD-STAT Stat Fletcher Christensen
Datta Pavan PHD-STAT Stat Fletcher Christensen
Davis Owen PHD-MATH Applied Mohammad Motamed
DiDomenico Jared PHD-STAT Stat Fletcher Christensen
Dukes Robert PHD-MATH Pure Maxim Zinchenko
Dutta Rahul PHD-MATH Pure Matthew Blair
Engel Mira MS-STAT Stat Erik Erhardt
FallahiFard Behzad PHD-STAT Stat James Degnan
Farslow James MS-MATH Applied Owen Lewis
Fritschi Alexander MS-MATH Pure Hongnian Huang
Fry Cheryl MS-STAT Stat Erik Erhardt
Garcia Jose PHD-MATH Pure Terry Loring
Giannini Trevor PHD-MATH Applied Jehanzeb Chaudhry
Golduzian Azadeh PHD-STAT Stat James Degnan
Gustafson Corbin MS-STAT Stat Ronald Christensen
Harrison Stephen PHD-MATH Pure Anna Skripka
Havens Daniel MS-MATH Pure Maria Cristina Pereyra
Henke Kyle PHD-MATH Applied Mohammad Motamed
Hodges-Heilmann Chase PHD-MATH Applied Mohammad Motamed
Hopkins Mary MS-STAT Stat Ronald Christensen
Hossain Zakia PHD-MATH Applied Helen Wearing
Kaul Fred PHD-STAT Stat Erik Erhardt
Kornetzke Nate PHD-MATH Applied Helen Wearing
Kowalczyk Daniel MS-STAT Stat James Degnan
Liu Lihang PHD-MATH Pure Matthew Blair
Middleton Serafina PHD-MATH Applied Mohammad Motamed
Mokhtar Sina PHD-STAT Stat James Degnan
Molla Md Al Amin PHD-MATH Applied Jehanzeb Chaudhry
Muthunama Gonnage Koshali MS-MATH Applied Owen Lewis
Nguyen Ngoc My PHD-MATH Applied Stephen Lau
Novello Galen PHD-MATH Pure Dimiter Vassilev
Obembe Imuseoluwa PHD-STAT Stat Erik Erhardt
Okeke Onyedikachi MS-STAT Stat James Degnan
Owusu Sampson MS-MATH Applied Stephen Lau
Pang Jiekai MS-MATH Pure Janet Vassilev
Pedrotty Augustus MS-STAT Stat Ronald Christensen
Poiani Sarah PHD-MATH Pure Janet Vassilev
Schwertner-Watson Erin PHD-STAT Stat Fletcher Christensen
Shafighi Mahyar MS-MATH Pure Dimiter Vassilev
Shields Garrett PHD-MATH Pure Hongnian Huang
Shore Xin PHD-STAT Stat James Degnan
Simpson Shandy MS-MATH Pure Hongnian Huang
Slim Ameer MS-STAT Stat James Degnan
Stewart David MS-STAT Stat H.Wearing/ Y.Lu
Stump Andrew PHD-MATH Pure Hongnian Huang
Sutton Jaimasan MS-STAT Stat James Degnan
Tran Phung MS-MATH Pure Alexandru Buium
Vargas David PHD-MATH Applied Jacob Schroder
Wani Umair Ali PHD-MATH Pure Anna Skripka
Xiong Chenxi MS-STAT Stat Ronald Christensen
Yang Shuang PHD-STAT Stat Yan Lu
Zhu Haiyang PHD-STAT Stat Guoyi Zhang