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Key-note Speaker: Loukas Grafakos (University of Missouri at Columbia)

Grafakos received his PhD in Mathematics in 1989 from UCLA under the direction of Prof. Michael Christ. His research is in classical harmonic analysis, he is one of the world experts in multilinear analysis.

Grafakos has published more than 65 papers, he is the author of a book which is already a necessary presence in every harmonic analyst library: "Classical and Modern Fourier Analysis". Its second edition by Springer as 2 books "Modern Fourier Analysis" and "Classical Fourier Analysis, Second Edition" is already available (or very soon will).

The long list of co-authors (including among them a number of PhD students) is a testament to the breadth and depth of Grafakos' research, and his success as an excellent teacher and mentor.

Before settling at University of Missouri at Columbia in 1994, Grafakos was a Gibbs' Instructor at Yale University and a Visiting Professor Washington University in St Louis, Missouri. He has held several visiting positions at MSRI (Berkeley, CA), IAS (Princeton, NJ) and University of Athens, Greece (his home country). Grafakos has toured the world lecturing, including Invited Lectures at ICM Satellite conferences in China (2002) and Spain (2006).

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