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Placement by LCP Math Tool, Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT:

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UNM Placement Table

What do I do if I feel my test scores did not place me correctly? 

Students who feel that their LCP Math Tool, ACT or SAT scores may not be accurate, may contact their major advisor to take the appropriate placement option. 

Students who wish to study for the math placement tool may do so for FREE at

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  2. For math, use goal key Math23
  3. For reading, use goal key Reading23


Which Accuplacer Exam should I take?


*QAS = Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics

*AAF = Advanced Algebra & Functions


Arithmetic Exam:

Math 1118 Math for Teachers I                                                       


Math 1350 Intro to Stats                                                                 

Math 1130 Survey of Math                                                            


Math 1220 College Algebra                                                            

Math 1512 Calculus I (STEM)                                                        

Math 1430 Applications of Calculus I (Business)