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Thesis and Dissertation template

UNM LaTeX Dissertation and Thesis template

Disclaimer: The template provided herein is not guaranteed to meet OGS standards.
Furthermore, while most packages are supported, use \usepackage{} carefully.
Add packages one at a time and test their functionality. If a particular package
breaks the style sheet, don't use the package! I can not support customizing the
style for each of the hundreds of available packages (some of which are buggy and
will never be compatible).

This LaTeX setup is known to work properly only with LINUX installations. It may or
may not work with other configurations.

Further Reference: Consult the official OGS website for further formatting tips and
feel free to e-mail the maintainer with comments or recommendations.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: October 15, 2014:
New volunteer maintainer: Dr. David A. Murrell (
A usable version of a signature page is currently included in the stylesheet distribution directory
compile it separately and replace the first page of your completed dissertation file with it.
Additionally, the copyright page has been removed to conform to OGS standards.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: August 26, 2011:
The unmeethesis.cls style within the 'style_sheets' directory now conforms to the
new OGS requirement eliminating the title page red box and the abstract title page!
If you are using the old style sheet, you can replace it with this new unmeethesis.cls
for compliance. The rest of your document will remain unchanged.

Please click "README.txt" for information on the directory structure.

(the original page was