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Tutoring Resources

The Mathematics and Statistics Tutoring Center offers help desks for several of our courses. A link to the hours at which a TA or instructor is available for a given course is given below.

Fall 2022

Math 1512, 1522, 2530, 1430, 1440: Calculus Table (SMLC B-71)  [old Math 162,163, 264,180,181]

Math 1350: Statistics Table, students should check their Achieve online course materials for information [old Stat 145]

Spring 2020

Math 1220, 1230, 1240, 1250: Algebra Table (DSH, 2nd floor by the elevators)  [old Math 121,123,150,153]

Math 1118, 2118, 2115: Math Education Table (SMLC 230) [old Math 111/1110, 215, 216]

Math 311/412: 300+ Table (SMLC 130 next to auditorium)

Math 314: 300+ Table (SMLC 130)

Math 316: 300+ Table (SMLC 130)

Math 1350: Statistics Table [old Stat 145], students should check their LaunchPad online course materials for information

Stat 345: Dane Smith Hall 326, MoTuWeTh 4:30-5:30 PM



Please give us your feedback on your visit to the Center. We want to hear your suggestions and whether it filled your needs.


Algebra table

Algebra table


Calculus table

Calculus table