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Undergraduate Mathematics

Concentration Areas in Mathematics

The University of New Mexico Department of Mathematics offers four options for majors:

Option I: Pure Mathematics

Mathematics is an intriguing discipline even without regard to applications outside mathematics, and pure mathematics emphasizes fundamental ideas in mathematics itself. The study of pure mathematics also can be excellent preparation for graduate study in all areas of mathematics and statistics, as well as being good pre-professional training for students wanting eventually to end up in law, medicine or other professions.

Option II: Applied Mathematics

To prepare for a career in applied mathematics outside of academia, build your program around the skills that employers need: breath and depth in mathematics, communication and computational skills, knowledge of a relevant area outside of mathematics, and problem-solving ability. Choose areas that interest you and that are relevant to your probable future employment.

Option III: Mathematics Education


Option IV: Mathematics of Computation

The Mathematics of Computation degree has an automatic Computer Science minor. With preparation in mathematics combined with a background in another field, you can enjoy the dual pleasures of computational mathematics, using your mind and seeing the results.