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Undergraduate Honors Program

The Mathematics and Statistics Undergraduate Honors Program is designed to provide intensive and personal instruction for selected students. For those who intend to pursue graduate or professional study, it provides extra guidance and leads to graduating with departmental honors at commencement.


  • Intensify and deepen the student's knowledge within the fields of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Put this specialized knowledge into better relationship with the larger area of the student's specialization and related fields

  • Bring the student under closer guidance of, and acquaintance with, faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics


  • Graduation with Departmental Honors with cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude mention from the Department. The departmental honors designation will be reflected on the student's diploma

  • Opportunity for mentored research at the undergraduate level and completion of an Undergraduate Honors thesis


    The following requirements for departmental honors are in addition to the requirements for the undergraduate major in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics:

  • Grade point average of 3.5 in the Mathematics or Statistics major and overall GPA of 3.2 at UNM

  • Finding a Mathematics or Statistics faculty to mentor the student in the Undergraduate Honors thesis project

  • Completion of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Honors form and submission to the Department Advisor no later than two full semesters before graduation

  • Approval of the Undergraduate Honors thesis research project by the Undergraduate Honors Committee

  • Successful completion of six credit hours of independent study under either Math 499 or Stat 495

  • Submission of the Undergraduate Honors thesis to the faculty mentor and the Undergraduate Honors Committee no later than ten days before the thesis defense

  • Oral presentation and defense of the Undergraduate Honors thesis. In cases where the Undergraduate Honors Committee requests additional changes to the thesis, the student will be allowed one week to submit a final corrected version of the Undergraduate Honors thesis.

Funding Information

The department may have limited funds for the purchase of materials and supplies, conference travel to disseminate the results of the undergraduate research, or purchase of Honors cords for commencement. These funds are awarded by the Undergraduate Honors Committee on a competitive basis. For more information please contact the Department Advisor.