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MATH 314

About the textbook

Textbook Our text is Ninth edition of "Linear Algebra with Applications” by Gareth Williams, ISBN 9781284120097. You will need to do lot of reading out of this, and will need a reference when you talk engineering or math classes after this that use linear algebra. Not every detail in the book will be covered in the classroom. Do not skip the reading. The Eight edition 978-1449679545 is acceptable, but there is one section missing so you will need some workaround. Used eighth editions are available online for a low cost.

Accessing Matlab

You will need to use Matlab software for a few of the homework assignments, and some of you might want to use it a bit more. It is available at computer pods across campus. For a listing, see for locations. It is also possible to get a copy for your personal computer This will be worth the hassle of installing if you think you will need Matlab for other purposes.


Syllabus in WordSyllabus in PDF.


Be sure your UNM email account is working and you have a way to check it daily. There are limitations on what an instructor can send to non-UNM email accounts.

Not much more will show up on this page, as we will be utilizing UNM-Learn . Before classes start is a good time to discover if there are techical or accessibility issues related to your viewing material at UNM-Learn.