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applied math seminar

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Eli Ben-Naim, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Event Date: 
Monday, October 9, 2017 -
3:30pm to 4:30pm
SMLC 356
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Pavel Lushnikov

Event Description: 


Are Massive Earthquakes Correlated?


The new millennium has seen an increase in the number of massive
earthquakes, leading to the hypothesis that one large earthquake may
trigger another one halfway across the globe. To test this hypothesis,
we performed a host of statistical tests on the number of events in a
given time interval and on the duration between successive
events. These tests largely confirm that large earthquakes occur
randomly in time. Yet, we have found some interesting anomalies in the
rate of truly massive events with magnitude M>8.5. In addition, we are
able to use such tests to detect inconsistencies in earthquake
records. The theoretical and statistical tools developed in the course
of these studies are widely applicable for testing if a sequence of
events follows random event statistics.

Event Contact

Contact Name: Pavel Lushnikov