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Campersand - A math summer camp at SMLC

 The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is hosting the 2024 CAMP for Algortihmic Mathematical Play  on June 24-28, 2024. Our building, SMLC,  will become alive with lots of youngsters, adults and math models on the SMLC atrium area, classrooms and seminar rooms. There are 100 students involved this year, a big increase over the 60 from last year!

Campersand is a summer vacation for math kids organized by grownup math kids. They know that these children are capable of incredible things and they need an environment where they have real peers, where there are no intellectual limits, and where they are still allowed to be kids. Founded by mathematicians and parents, this residential camp helps these mathy kids explore mathematics, the foundations of computer science, and more. The local organizers are  Anita Chou (Camp Director) and Hoa Nguyen. Participants and their families will be staying on UNM dorms for the week

This year Campersand offered several (6 or 7)  scholarships to winners of the UNM-PNM Statewide Math Competition  to attend the summer program. Our own Statistics Professor and coDirector of the UNM-PNM Math Contest, James Degnan, will be one of the instructors in the summer camp, as well as 2023 alumini and Part Time Instructor Austin Bell. Also three students are Campersand Councelors: graduate students  Garrett Shields (Head Councelor) and Emmanuel Kubuafor, and undergraduate student Nikolaas Koers.

We welcome this amazing activity to support and promote mathematics in our youngest population.

Added on 07/08/2024

Hoa Nguyen said "We are delighted that the Math Dept has generously allowed us to use the facilities again.  The kids are able to sit in actual college classrooms and learn math; it is inspiring and fun to see the little people trouncing around campus."