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Department will host the 2024 Southwestern Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference (SUnMaRC) April 5-7

See the Conference Web Page 


The Department will host the 2024 Southwestern Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference (SUnMaRC) on Friday-Sunday, April 5-7, 2024. 

SUnMaRC brings together students and faculty from throughout the southwest for a weekend of mathematics.  SUnMaRC is designed to provide opportunities for students to attend and/or present mathematics research in a supportive and fun atmosphere.  In addition to student talks, there are invited speakers from a variety of areas including academia, industry and government.

The conference began in 2004 as the Arizona Mathematics Undergraduate Conference.  In 2008, the conference changed to SUnMaRC to recognize the participation of institutions throughout the southwest.

The local organizers are Professor Dimiter Vassilev and Associate Professor Janet Vassilev who secured NSF funding for the conference.

This year more than ten institutions from Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico are participating. There are five UNM students giving talks or presenting a poster. Among the Guest Speakers we have  a UNM Alumni  (BS 2015) and former 2015 SUnMaRC participant/speaker, a former UNM-PNM Math Contest participant and winner for several years, a National Lab Professor from Sandia National Laboratories affiliated with our department, and a Distinguished Professor from Italy and Arizona State University.

For details, updates and registration see the Conference Web Site

This is the fourth time the department has hosted the conference. In the past, we hosted SUnMaRC in 2008, 2013, and 2018. Our Chair and Professor Monika Nitsche organized these conferences and took contingents of UNM students to SUnMaRC when held in other institutions from 2007 till 2019. UNM participation in the 2012-2017 conferences was supported by a large NSF-MCTP grant. The pandemic prevented the conference from being held in 2020-2022. Last year Professor Dimiter Vassilev took UNM students to the 2023 SUnMaRC in Colorado State University.