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Honors Thesis 2019-2020

Congratulations to the undergraduate students who completed and Honors thesis in 2019-2020 and their mentors! We are very proud of you, well done!!

David Vargas, mentored by Prof. Jacob Schroder and Prof. Yi He
Exploring the Folding of DNA Origami with Time Parallel Integration

Frank Kouzelmartinez, mentored by Prof. Alexander Korotkevich
Traffic Flow Modeling

Kyle Ritchie, mentored by Prof. Dimiter Vassilev.
Positive Energy Theorems in Asymptotically Anti-deSitter Spacetimes

 Kaitlin O'Dell, mentored by Prof. Deborah Sulsky.
Double-Cantilever Beam Model for Compact Tension

 Kobe Bellas, mentored by Prof. Deborah Sulsky.
Estimating Fractures in Sea Ice from Satellite Observations