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Kat Sorensen and Khalid Ifzarene receive Weber Award for Teaching Excellence in Science and Math from A&S

Lecturer Kat Sorensen and Term Instructor Khalid Ifzarene  received th 2022-23 William P. and Heather W. Weber Award for Teaching Excellence in Science and Math. This award honors Lecturers or Part-Time Instructors who exemplify excellence in undergraduate teaching in any science or math discipline within A&S. 

The letter from Interim Dean Chermak and Associate Dean Gibbs states

  • for Kat: "Your dedication to the MaLL, both in coordination and instruction, as well as other lowerdivision math courses, have been absolutely essential to the basic functioning of the College and have helped countless students succeed when they weren't sure they could." 
  • for Khalid: "The importance of your work to develop the Calculus parachute course as a way to help students get back on track with their math requirements cannot be overstated."

Please join me in congratulating Kat and Khalid!!!!