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Masks meet Science: Pavel Lushnikov's research featured in the ABQ Journal

Masks meet Science: UNM research on the physics of masks in which our own Pavel Lushnikov plays a very important role was featured on May 6, 2020 in the Albuquerque Journal

From the article: "UNM associate chair of Mechanical Engineering Peter Vorobieff plans to study the underlying physics of face masks with assistance from university biologists and mathematicians to determine how effective masks are against virus particles, develop appropriate designs to impede particle passage and assess safe ways to disinfect masks for reuse. [...]

UNM’s mechanical engineering department can set up experiments to study air flow with droplets as they pass through the masks. UNM’s mathematics and statistics department would help develop models of what’s actually happening, Vorobieff said."

A proposal has been submitted to NSF to carry on this research.  The PI, Peter Vorobieff from Mechanical Engineering, will lead the project and  will supervise the experiment and advancements to the diagnostic system. Pavel Lushnikov is a coPI and will be responsible for the development of mathematical models of mask interaction with droplets carrying infectious material. David Peabody  from Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, is a coPI and  will be responsible for development of the viral trackers and associated diagnostics including assays. This is a very interesting research project involving faculty from three schools: A&S, Engineering and Medicine.  

We sure hope the project gets funded!!