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Math and Sports at the local and global scale

Precious Andrew is a UNM graduate (2008 MS in Mathematics with a Thesis on "The mathematics of the epicycloid : a historical journey with a modern perspective" under the direction of the late Professor Alex Stone) and an adjunct instructor in our department for many years  who is also a competitive weight lifter, she was featured on Sunday in the Albuquerque Journal .  Last August Precious left her Term Instructor position with us to join the Faculty at UNM-Valencia but she still teaches for us one course per semester, and she is scheduled to teach for the first time an Online Max version of Math 1240: Precalculus in the Fall. Congratulations Precious!

(Chronicle of Higher Education Dayly Briefing 7/27/2021) A 30-year-old mathematician from Austria shocked both her competitors and herself when she cycled her way to gold at the Summer Olympics women’s road race on Sunday in Oyama, Japan. According to The Wall Street Journal, Anna Kiesenhofer, Ph.D., was not expected to win, so other cyclists let her pull ahead at the start, thinking they would catch up eventually. But they never did, and the amateur Kiesenhofer stayed ahead for all 85 miles, finishing 75 seconds ahead of the second-place cyclist. Some riders even thought they had won when they crossed the finish line, not realizing Kiesenhofer had been ahead the whole time. A postdoctoral researcher at a polytechnic institute in Switzerland, Austria’s newly minted Olympian is self-trained and raced with no teammates to prepare for the Olympics.