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In-service Week Schedule, Spring 2021

Schedule for Spring 2021 In-Service

Also in pdf format.
All meetings will be conducted online via Zoom.  Links to Zoom meetings will be emailed prior to the sessions.

Thursday, January 14

General Meetings: 9:00-10:00
General Meeting for all PTIs and TAs (C. Pereyra, J. Bolli)

Math 1430/1440 Meeting: 10:00-11:00
Mandatory for all 1430/1440 instructors (K. Burns, Coordinator)

MyLab Math Training: 11:00-12:30
Training for Pearson software/Redshelf (Mandatory for anyone working with MyLab Math for the first time [1512, 1522, 2531], otherwise optional) (D. Martinez)

Math 1118/2118 Meeting: 12:00-2:00  
Mandatory for all 1118/2118 instructors (K. Sorensen-Unruh, Coordinator)

Math 1230/1240/1250 Meeting: 2:00-4:00  
Mandatory for all 1230/1240/1250 instructors (T. Berkopec, Coordinator)

Math 1350 Meeting: 2:00-4:00  
Mandatory for all 1350 instructors (N. Greenberg, Coordinator)

Friday, January 15

Math 1220 Meeting: 10:00-12:00  
Mandatory for all 1220 instructors (P. Oakley, Coordinator)

Math 1512/1522/2531 Meeting: 10:00-12:00  
Mandatory for all 1512/1522/2531 instructors and TAs (D. Martinez, Coordinator)

Math 1215 XYZ Meeting: 12:00-1:30  
Mandatory for all 1215 instructors (K. Sorensen, Coordinator)

Student Experience at UNM (SEP) Meeting: 3:00-4:00  
Mandatory for all instructors (M. Nitsche, P. Cheek, S. Knottenbelt)

Math 1130 Meeting: 4:00-5:00  
Mandatory for all 1130 instructors (Karen Champine, Coordinator)