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Statistical literacy recommended for undergrad researchers

Math 1300 Statistical Literacy and Professor Milo Schield were featured in a UNM Newsroom article on by Mary Beth King on October 05, 2023. The University of New Mexico offers a unique course called Math 1300 Statistical Literacy, aimed at students in non-quantitative majors and those in fields like political science, journalism, sociology, and business. Professor Milo Schield, the course's author, emphasizes that Statistical Literacy teaches critical thinking about how statistics are constructed and manipulated, which is crucial in today's world of data-driven arguments. The course helps students distinguish between association and causation, understand percentages, and evaluate statistics encountered in daily life. It uses straightforward language and avoids complex mathematics. Students find it valuable and believe it should be a requirement for graduation, as it provides a practical and accessible approach to statistical thinking. Schield's textbook on Statistical Literacy has also been adopted by other institutions, indicating its growing relevance in education.

Erik Erhardt
Professor of Statistics