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Minor in Statistics

Study Requirements

  • STAT 145 or approved equivalent. (offered every semester)
  • One year of Calculus. (This can be the MATH 180-181 sequence, the MATH 162-163 sequence, or the combinations: MATH162,181 OR MATH 180,163.)
  • STAT 345, Intro. Probability and Statistics (offered every semester)
  • STAT 427, Data Analysis I (offered fall semesters)
  • STAT 428, Data Analysis II (offered spring semesters)
  • One additional course (3 cr. hours) in statistics or mathematics in courses numbered 250 or higher. A recommended course is STAT 440 Regression Analysis (offered fall semesters)
  • The pass/fail option may not be used for minor study and the grades in all statistics and mathematics courses used to satify the minor must be C (not C-) or better.

In case of conflict between this web page and the UNM Catalog, the UNM Catalog (Academic Year 2008) holds! Please check your minor requirements with a Statistics Faculty Advisor. If you do not have one, please contact the department Academic Advisor.